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Whatsapp has become the leading messenger. With it whatsapp status have become popular than ever. Status are the best method to speak up our mind and tell our friends and family what is doing rounds.
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Whatsapp the leading messenger and provides a platform to share thoughts, ideas via whatsapp status. best whatsapp status are really more needed where there is great need in society for everyone to put their thought on critical issues and other social elements. Short quotes for whatsapp are used by users to change their status and tell people their ideas and it can also call people to think over your status , it can generate a thinking process in them and further this can lead to revolution where anti social elements are completed nipped to its roots. It can be used in any way one, to create a serious environment two, to create a light moment. By using the funny whatsapp status a funny atmosphere is created. This world is full of sufferings, we cannot be free from it but the only thing which can do is fight with it and always have a positive attitude which helps to take all good things from a bad things. Every day from time we get up we the cycle of problems starts, it is but natural with everyone. Some may have the problems with his wife, some with their husband, some may have the problem with their jobs, and some with their boss, even children are not out of this bracket of problems, they have the problem with homework, scoop, studies and what not. So after all the philosophical thought, the point is that we often get sad and they are many reasons for it like some may fail in love, some have problems as described in first Para. So its normal to be sad so the solution to this it to shred your problems, share your feelings and now then the best method to share is what’s app status so just let your feelings out and definitely the burden will be reduced though it may simply be a sad status for whatsapp. Share the feelings and reduce the sorrow, this must be the tagline in every ones life. So don’t wait share it. Friendship is the best part in our lives, friends are always there in good and bad times, and they really need appreciation from your side and there no other better way to do so with whatsapp status, so change your status to friendship status. It is a feeling that someone understands and appreciates you as you are, without any exaggeration, flattery and pretensions It gives a feeling that you are ‘wanted’ and that you are ‘someone’ and not a faceless being in the crowd. Friendship is the best relation and friends tease each other and funny friendship status to tease friends and have light moments with friends.
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